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Fire Sprinkler Systems

A properly working fire sprinkler system is the single most effective means of keeping your people safe and stopping fires before they cause extensive damage to your building. Fyr-Fyter will keep your fire sprinkler system running smoothly, from installation to annual testing and service.

Fire Sprinkler System Testing and Inspections:

Fire sprinkler systems need to be available on demand. They need to be tested annually to ensure they will work properly during a fire emergency. Written records of fire sprinkler system tests must be maintained in accordance with NFPA 25. During a fire sprinkler test, physical checks are performed on your fire sprinkler system. These checks include water flow tests, fire pump tests, alarm tests, and trip tests of dry pipe, deluge, and pre-action valves.

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Fire Sprinkler Installations:

We are fire sprinkler installation experts with over 60 years of experience providing complete fire protection services for businesses, organizations, government buildings, and restaurants throughout the area.

Today’s Alarm systems must meet the code requirements of:

  • NFPA code requirements
  • Local authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs)
  • System manufacturers’ recommended inspection and maintenance requirements
  • Required Annual Fire Alarm System Testing

To ensure their proper function and reliability, fire alarm systems must be inspected, tested, and maintained regularly. Consider the peace of mind you gain when Fyr-Fyter sets up a service program for periodic testing, inspection, and maintenance that conforms to codes and local requirements.
Without meeting code you cannot be sure that your alarm system is reliable enough to save lives. Fyr-Fyter offers comprehensive fire alarm examination services for local & monitored fire alarm systems.