Emergency Lighting







Emergency lighting is essential for maintaining a safe workplace in the event of an emergency. Your exit lights also help maintain order, prevent panic, enable safe movement, and contribute to timely evacuation. Ensuring the operational readiness of emergency lighting is an ongoing responsibility—and an OSHA and LIFE SAFETY Code requirement.

We ensure your emergency lighting is operating properly and safely by providing regular inspections and repairs in New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Annual inspection, testing, and maintenance of your emergency lighting system will ensure:

• Lights will work during an emergency
• Facility security will be streamlined
• Emergency egress from your building will be safe
• System downtime will be minimized
• Costs from injury and claims will be reduced

The highly trained and knowledgeable staff of Fyr-Fyter will carefully test and service emergency lighting to meet the individual needs and satisfaction of our customers.

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