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Here at Fyr-Fyter we believe in doing everything we can for our clients to make sure that you are safe and code complient.

Trusted For 60 Years

Fyr-Fyter has been the trusted go to fire protection company in New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania for 60 years.


Here at Fyr-Fyter we are constantly working to improve technology to keep you safer.


For 60 years we have been perfecting the art of fire protection. We take pride in knowing that you are safe & code compliant. 
Here at Fyr-Fyter we offer a wide variety of fire protection solutions.


When used properly, a maintained fire extinguisher helps save lives and property by putting out or controlling small fires while you wait for the fire department.

Fire Alarms

The highly skilled and experienced professionals of Fyr-Fyter carefully install fire alarm systems to meet the exact needs and specifications of each client.

Kitchen Hood Systems

We install kitchen hood fire suppression systems so that you will be safe aswell as meet code requirements.


Emergency lighting is essential for maintaining a panic free zone in the event of an emergency. Your exit lights also help maintain order, prevent panic, enable safe movement.

Fire Sprinkler System

 Fyr-Fyter provides complete fire sprinkler systems. We will keep your fire sprinkler system running smoothly, from installation to annual testing and service. 


Giving your employees the confidence to react quickly and effectively during an emergency can make the difference when waiting for the fire department to arrive.
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Providing Faster, Smarter & More Efficient Fire Protection.
Building Reports
Building reports makes it easy any customer to access their report anytime, anywhere.

Building Reports mobile and online inspection reporting tools enable inspectors to quickly gather data on fire and life safety devices to ensure the working order and code requirements through easily verifiable inspection reports.

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