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Storing Emergency Numbers as your cell phone contacts could save lives

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Fyr Fyter will gladly put our 56 years of experience and the latest technologies to work keeping your place of business code compliant and fire safe. We design, inspect, install and professionally maintain all aspects of your New Jersey fire alarm systems for industrial & commercial buildings in Mercer County and the surrounding areas. To further extend our love for fire protection we have provided this article below for your enjoyment.

Fyr Fyter Sales & Service Of Mercer County New Jersey Provides Some Noteworthy Reminders

As a kid the phone book was the go-to place for information. There was always a page at the front that had emergency numbers and a spot to add your doctor and other numbers you need. My parents always had it placed by the phone in the kitchen. These days we rely so much on technology, in the form of smartphones and tablets that we don’t even bother to memorize our important numbers.

Most of the numbers recommended below are not used every day. When they are used, they might be for general information. BUT, having them available on a moment’s notice means you are better equipped to deal with an emergency situation should it present itself.

Having these numbers handy will save time and battery power, plus give you peace of mind. Fyr Fyter encourages you to take the extra precaution by storing these numbers as contacts in your cell phone. NOTE: In a real emergency your first choice for an emergency call will still be 911. These emergency numbers will not replace a life-saving call to 911.

15 Emergency Numbers to Have in Your Cell

ICE : In Case of Emergency – Make it easy for emergency responders to find your family contact when they need to. Sure they can search your phone for the most frequently called numbers, but why not make it easy for them. Create an ICE contact in your phone. One reader suggests: As a veteran Paramedic, ICE is a well-known header for important numbers.. however, I may suggest you list every number separately, label them, “My Husband,” or My Husbands work”.. etc. As an emergency responder, I need to know who these people actually are when I call them.

What should you do it you have a lock screen feature on your cell? I like this simple idea from PCMag. Be sure to read the article for detailed instructions for Nafroid & Apple phones:

ICE Hack Job for Any Smartphone from PC Mag. On any smartphone, there’s one really simple way to add ICE information.

1. Open any note-taking app.

2. Type whatever ICE information you want in the note. Make sure you have margins on all sides and that the text easily fits on one screen.

3. Take a screenshot of that note.

4. Use that note as your lock screen wallpaper.

With this method, an emergency responder will have to dial the number that appears on the lock screen wallpaper, rather than have the phone dial it for him or her, but it’s better than nothing!

Local fire department – Our local fire departments have a wealth of information and provide community training and local CERT support. We also call for burn day information.

Local police department – List the non-emergency number for your area. In my small town, the number contacts the on-duty officer directly.

Water Company – Useful for calling about broken water mains and botched bills. Call to get more information if you have a boil water alert or another contaminated water issue.

Power Company – A useful number to have in your phone to report power outages.

Poison Control – Find your Regional Poison Control Center and enter the number; did you know that every 13 seconds, the U.S. Poison Centers receive a call about someone being exposed to a poison. Over 50% of these emergencies involve a child under five years of age.

Nearby hospitals – I have the three closest hospitals in my contacts.

Doctor – This number is elementary and one you probably already have listed!

Animal control – Stray dogs and cats can be a problem. Animal control can give you information about helping, shelters and other wildlife issues you may have. There appears to be a mountain lion frequenting the new property I’m moving to. Animal control has been very helpful with information.

Next door neighbors – Get to know your neighbors and exchange numbers. They will be a big asset to you in an emergency.

Tow truck – List a few local tow companies or your AAA number.

Insurance agent – Find out who to call in case you have an accident or home damage. Some companies use a main incident reporting number separate from your local agent. List both.

Coworkers – Feeling sick and need to let them know about that project that’s hanging around on your desk? Be a team player and give them a heads up.

Boss – Feeling sick (or just taking a day!)

Ecclesiastical leaders – When disaster strikes our church leaders and family will be the ones to turn to for help.

Veterinarian – Don’t forget your four-legged friends and their needs.

Reader Suggestions to add to the list include:

Locksmith – Don’t forget the locksmith! If you get caught without a reputable locksmith, you will likely get ripped off.

Coast Guard – if you are on a shoreline or major lake or river.

Local EMS – In some places, the ambulance is separate from the FD and PD.

Okay, you spent 30 minutes searching online and gathering the numbers. How will you group them in your phone? I created an Evernote note called ICE, for my numbers and also created a subgroup in my Gmail contacts. Grouping them together will make it easier for finding and for updates.


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