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In the 1980s, scientific evidence proved that Halon is an ozone depleting substance. It is no longer legal to manufacture new Halon Fire Suppression Systems (in accordance with the Clean Air Act of 1994). However, it is still legal to own and operate a Halon fire suppression system if you already had this system installed prior to this law taking effect. We offer the specialized experience necessary to properly inspect and service your existing Halon fire suppression system.


Halon Fire Suppression System Inspection:

Because Halon depletes the ozone layer, the EPA regulations require strict conformity with NFPA standards on existing Halon fire suppression systems. NFPA 12A standards require that all Halon fire suppression systems be thoroughly inspected, tested, and documented for operation by a certified trained technician.

During inspection, the quantity of extinguishing agent and the pressure of refillable containers must be checked. If inspection shows at least a 5 percent loss in net weight or a 10 percent drop in pressure, the system must be refilled or replaced.


Halon Fire Suppression System Repair:

If you need repairs done on your existing Halon fire suppression system, our certified fire suppression system technicians service and repair your Halon system to make sure your building is always kept safe from fire.


Halon Fire Suppression System Recharge:

Even though no new Halon Systems are being manufactured, there is still a large supply of existing recycled Halon that can be used to recharge your existing system in the event of a discharge. Fyr-Fighter technicians have been specially equipped, trained and certified to service all of your Halon fire suppression system recharge needs.


Halon Fire Suppression System Removal:

At this point, no business is legally required to remove a Halon fire suppression system from use. However, the EPA highly recommends doing so and replacing your system with a more environmentally friendly option.


When you decide to make the change, Fyr-Fighter will work with you to design an alternate system, and/or remove your Halon system from your building. To keep you in compliance with EPA regulations, we are equipped to collect and recycle any remaining Halon you have on hand so you won’t get stuck with massive hazardous materials disposal costs. Newer agents have been developed to replace Halon, and if you find that the area you have protected by Halon has to be modified or enlarged, Fyr-Fighter will work with you to design a solution utilizing FM-200, a newer Clean Agent that is an approved replacement.

Contact Fyr Fyter for all your Halon Fire Suppression System installation, service, inspection, and maintenance needs.

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