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New Jersey Fire Alarm Systems & Protection Services

Alarm Central Station

Detecting a fire early can mean the difference between losing everything and keeping loss and damage to a minimum. That’s why it pays to depend on Fyr-Fighter for 24/7/365 alarm monitoring. Upon detection of a fire or smoke event, our fire monitoring specialists immediately provide notification to emergency personnel, helping to save lives and minimize potential fire damage.

New Jersey law requires that Fire Alarm and Fire Sprinkler Systems be monitored by an approved listed method to ensure proper transmission of an alarm to the Fire Dispatch Station. We offer an affordable solution.

Fyr-Fighter provides alarm central station monitoring services as well as emergency repair services 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, every day of the year; you are never without protection or peace of mind. For added convenience, our customers are given access to our online database for easy downloading of reports.

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Important notice about smoke detectors

Sensitivity Testing

Regular sensitivity testing of your smoke detectors is a requirement of the Fire Alarm Code. Having detectors that are too sensitive will cause false alarms, while detectors that are not sensitive enough will cause late alarms or no alarms at all. Read more...

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Fire Alarms

Fire Alarm Systems:

Fyr-Fyter Sales and Service, Inc. is licensed to inspect and repair all aspects of your Fire Alarm System

* Please note that some brands are considered proprietary
and can only be worked on by the manufacturer.

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Fire Alarms Installation

Alarm Installation:

Fyr-Fyter Sales and Service, Inc. is licensed to inspect and repair all aspects of your Fire Alarm System

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Sprinkler Types:


Extinguishers service:

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Fire Suppression Systems:

*NOTE: Dry chemical hood suppression systems are no longer code compliant as they will not meet the criteria set forth in UL Standard 300.

*NOTE: Modifications and upgrades to existing Halon systems are no longer allowed.

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Exhaust Hoods and Ducts:

Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting may inspections include but are not limited to:

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Smoke Alarms

Sensitivity Testing for smoke detectors includes:

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Range of services

We install, service and maintain all types of fire protection systems and equipment such as: