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Fire Extinguishers in New Jersey: Types, Classes & Safety Tips

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To further extend our love for fire protection we have provided this article below. Fyr Fyter will gladly put our 57 years of experience and the latest technologies to work keeping your place of business code compliant and fire safe. We design, install, inspect and professionally maintain all aspects of your New Jersey fire alarm systems for industrial & commercial buildings in Mercer County and the surrounding areas.

Fyr Fyter Sales And Service In Burlington County Informs You And Everything You Need To Know About Fire Extinguishers In NJ

Not only is it smart to keep fire extinguishers in your home, it's also the law in New Jersey. It's important to make sure you have the right types of fire extinguishers on hand to put out common household fires. Read our fire extinguisher safety tips to learn how to stay safe and don't forget to make sure you have the right coverage if your home sustains fire damage.

Getting started with fire extinguishers

The first thing to do when choosing a fire extinguisher is to decide which rooms in your house need one. You should keep at least one on each level of your house. Make sure you keep fire extinguishers handy where fires are more likely to start, like in the kitchen and garage.

Understanding fire extinguisher classes

There are four classes of fire extinguishers – A, B, C and D – and each class can put out a different type of fire.

Purchasing your fire extinguisher

Now that you know how many extinguishers you need and what types to get, you can head to the hardware store. Look for fire extinguishers that you can easily lift. Larger extinguishers may pack more power, but you must be able to use it properly.

Learning how to use your fire extinguisher

Once you've made your purchases, familiarize yourself with the fire extinguisher directions so you’ll be prepared in case you need to put out a fire. Typically, fire extinguishers are fairly easy to use in the case of a fire. Most of the types operate using the P.A.S.S. technique:

P. Pull the pin on the fire extinguisher in order to break the tamper seal.

A. Aim the fire extinguisher low, with the nozzle pointed at the base of the fire.

S. Squeeze the handle of the fire extinguisher to release the extinguishing agent.

S. Sweep the nozzle from side to side while pointed at the base of the fire until it is extinguished.

If the fire re-ignites, repeat the last 3 steps.

The information listed above was obtained from sources believed to be reliable. Fyr-Fyter, its affiliates and employees do not guarantee improved results based upon the information contained herein and assume no liability in connection with the information or the provided safety suggestions. The recommendations provided are general in nature; unique circumstances may not warrant or require implementation of some or all of the safety suggestions. There may be additional available safety procedures that are not referenced on this webpage.


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fire alarm integration mercer county nj